helmet visor

7 Sep

Where can I find a visor that would be more affective when riding a tadpole trike? Any suggestions to take care of the issue of the visor being to short?


A little Peddlers fun!

15 Oct

2013 Recumbent Cycle Convention

20 Jun

wheels for hemophilia

25 May

wheels for hemophilia.

Cyclists still get the best parking spots

22 May

When you are determend to get somewhere. You’ll do whatever it takes to get to their destination.

Roadkill on the Information Superhighway

ImageSkyline College in San Bruno, California, is located at the top of a 200 meter hill (about 666 feet for those of you with a conspiratorial bent), which explains why it isn’t popular with commuters who prefer people powered vehicles.  On the other hand, unless the student is willing to get to campus early in the morning, parking a car can be problematic.

Still, the bike racks are few and lonely.

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Save Riding For Hemophiliacs

13 May

Save Riding For Hemophiliacs


This is the start of my giving back to the hemophilia community. 

Giving back to the hemophilia community

13 May