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Ride to End AIDS / Rajdado por Finigi Aidoson

20 Dec

To all of those whom took the time out of their day(s) to ride in this ride I thank you. I’m a survivor of close to 27 years now. And, I thank you. And, I hope to not only appreciate your efforts…..but to also be a part of those efforts when I get back into my cycling phase. Love you all……..

The search for the perfect trike

16 Dec

I’ve been an avid cyclist for many years, but due to a few surgeries I have been unable to ride like I used to enjoy. I started out riding the standard upright, then I switched to a two wheel recumbent because I was having multiple internal bleeds occur due to a clotting disorder called hemophilia. Which reduced the amount of internal bleeds that where occurring. Which in turn allowed me to build up strength in my legs.

But, about six years into having the recumbent bicycle I ended having an accident occur due to a construction site that had items out of place, and dirt on the road which caused the cycle to slide out of control. From this accident I fractured my femur. Shortly after recovering, due to epilepsy I broke the ball joint in the same leg. 

Now, I’m on a quest to find the best trike for me. I like to ride long distances, and with organized rides and solo also. I live in the Great North West, so I have to always be prepared for the rain. But, at the same time I also like to travel and visit family. So, I will always get a chance to be in the warmer climates. By the end of this year, or the beginning of next year I should be a new trike pilot.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to do so. The more input I get the better, thanks.