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Impossible to I’m possible

17 Dec

I haven’t been active for awhile now for various reasons. Some of it being health related, and some of it having to do with drivers that don’t pay attention to their surroundings. No matter how may safety items that you might have on your recumbent bicycle, trike or velomobile if that’s what your mode of transportation is. Within in the past four years, I’ve been hit twice by drivers not paying attention to their surroundings. And, due to those collisions. I have had to take a leave of absence,

Over the years due to medical conditions, and car accidents included. I have gone through four surgeries total, for a fractured femur, broken ball joint, elbow replacement and a full knee replacement. And, with the most recent of accidents that occurred. The doctors where concerned that I might not be able to continue to do what I enjoy most, which is cycling. I started with a Bike E, a few years after I graduated high school in 1994. T

The first Bike E was stolen, I then proceeded to purchases a seconded Bike E. Which in turn after having it for some time, that’s when I had the accident that caused the fractured femur. I recovered from the surgery and physical therapy. And, because of having epilepsy, I had an epileptic seizure that caused enough pressure to break my ball joint. Which was about six months after recovery from the first incident.

I also have a medical condition called hemophilia, which is the main reason why I chose bicycling in general as my favorite activity. Because, it also became my alternative physical therapy. Since, it reduced the amount of internal bleeds that I would have within a year. But, due to the two surgeries that occurred, the hemophilia had a reaction to having the surgeries done to where I had to have the full knee replacement done.

So, I could no longer ride the Bike E. Because of the reduction of range of motion. But, being as stubborn as I am. After receiving the recumbent grin, when I rode the Bike E for the first time. I wouldn’t let the doctors tell me that I wouldn’t be able to bicycle anymore. So, I switched to the recumbent trike. After, I had surgery for the elbow replacement. The trike was basically a way to do physical therapy for my hip, leg, knee and my elbow.

The steering of the trike assisted in the way of regaining the range of motion I wanted and needed with the elbow replacement. The pedaling assisted with the strengthening of my hip, leg and knee. And, the accidents that have occurred most recently occurred. I can no longer ride either of the trikes that I had purchased. Since, they where both totaled in the accidents that occurred. Luckily there weren’t any broken bones in either of the accidents. But, my balance walking mobility has been reduced. And, again….as stubborn as I am I won’t quit because the doctors say that I won’t be able to bicycle anymore. So, now it’s from three wheels to four wheels. I test rode a Quatrovelo, just this last fall. It’s exactly what will work for me. It’ll be my personal mode of transportation, my alternative physical therapy and fun in the sun all in one.

So, at the current time it’s about focusing on my health. And, doing the physical therapy the most commonly known way. Until the Quatrovelo gets here. And, when it gets here I’ll be back out there and just as active, and maybe even more. And, wherever you’re located…..whether you’re sitting on two wheels, three wheels or four…..and I can’t forget about the amazing unicyclists. “Stay safe, be seen”, and I’m proud to be a part of an amazing community.