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Prolonged return to cycling

8 May

In the past four years, I’ve been hit twice while riding two different very amazing recumbent tadpole trikes. But, because individual’s in general don’t take the time to pay attention to their surroundings. And, because of the physical challenge that I deal with on a daily basis. I was lucky with the first accident, I only received a internal bruise. Which was easily taken care of. But, with the second accident when I was hit…it caused the hemoglobin levels to go out of balance. So, I was rushed to the hospital. I had to go through physical therapy again. And, the hospital made an error….because they don’t have very many hemophiliac’s come into the local hospital. So, they didn’t give me the correct dosage of factor eight for the severe hemophilia that I deal with on a daily basis. Whether the hospital made an error or not. I still appreciate the fact that I’m still able to walk. And, when I receive the Quatrovelo that I will receive in October. I will be able to return to cycling again. And, I find that any recumbent cycle is an alternative form of physical therapy. I look forward to the cycling again. And, seeing individual’s from the cycling community again soon