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10 May

Another Tire Video Clip

1 May

Extreme testing

Walz Cycling Caps (Product Review and Giveaway)

24 Apr

Who knows, maybe a new addition to the recumbent clothing. It does look like it would help with the sun glare for sure.

Five Things Drivers Should Know About Cyclists

24 Apr

I wish they had more signs like this in our town.

Newly Bent

The other day I had to cross a busy road at a point where there was no light. I needed to turn left but there was a median so I could only go right. I crossed into the left turn lane and stopped to wait for oncoming traffic. Meanwhile, a van pulled up behind me and yelled that I should be using the sidewalk. Sidewalk? I wanted to ask him where this magical sidewalk was that crossed over all this traffic so cars wouldn’t be inconvenienced. I also wanted to ask why he was upset with me when it was oncoming traffic that was stopping both of us. I wrote of a similar incidence in my post, The Ignorant motorist. In that post, a women went out of her way to tell me I should be riding on the sidewalk.

I thought I would come up with a list…

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New Product! DaBrim Visors!

24 Apr

I would like to check this out when I get a new helmet.

Peddlers Bikes & Recumbents

We all know what it is like… a low sun, a laid back recumbent position equals the sun in your eyes. Another is a high scorching sun and we’re wondering if we have applied enough sunscreen. A new product that we have at Peddlers may help in both cases. Meet DaBrim! DaBrim is a large, detachable visor to help protect you from these situations. Watch for a future review…


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Cargo Considerations

24 Apr

Awesome book, and I can’t wait to wheel out of here.

Nite Ize SaddleLight LED Bike Bag (Product Review and Giveaway)

24 Apr

Very neat, something that I would like to check out.

Overland Triker Tires

24 Apr

These tires and tubes are a must, I learned my lesson the hard way from my first tour ride.

New PCTA Information

24 Apr

Steve as proven that “Free on Three” is a new way of life. That once you sit in the cockpit of that tadpole trike you’ll see life from a whole new perspective. And, you will expand your horizons as you travel.

Redefine Possible!

24 Apr

Impossible is a big word. But, you can say that the word Impossible isn’t one word but two. Because when one looks closely it says “I’m possible” Of course if you want to get technical that would be three words….lol. But, this man is awesome. And, this man takes the word “Impossible” and transforms it into the phrase “I’m possible”.